Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Tonight was our ward's trunk or treat. Avery is sick...are they always sick? She is croupy and Aiden is acting like she will soon follow. Brandon took the big girls and I stayed home with the sickies. The girls also got to dress up in their costumes for dance lessons yesterday and then August dressed up for school today. They have had a blast. Addison especially loves the makeup and will do almost anything for glitter! She's such a girly-girl! If you can't tell they were Hannah Montana and a ballerina-princess-fairy (you get the idea, someone cute and sparkly...every 3-year-olds' dream, right?) This week has gone pretty good, considering. Brooke is gone, need I say more? Actually I'm just a big complainer, we're doing great. (minus the croup issue) August and Addison are really great with the babies and that helps me a lot. I put the pack n' play up so that I can have a quick shower if the babies aren't napping together. It's crazy that they're really changes everything.
Anyone have any advice about croup? I don't think my other girls ever had it. Do the steroids really help a lot? Can they just get over it if it's mild enough? I see a doctor appointment in my future!

I hope everyone is doing well. Stay healthy! Happy Birthday Dad!! Love You!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Stomach Flu, Two Crawlers, & A Wedding

We just got back home last night from my sister's Wedding Weekend Extravaganza! I thought I'd be relieved to have all the excitement behind us, but I'm actually having some post-wedding blues. We've had a couple of crazy weeks (actually months) around here. We've had a lot of wedding planning and many trips to Utah. The week before the wedding August got sick. I spent most of my time cleaning up throw-up (sorry, tmi) and doing laundry. I guess it was actually Avery who got us started with the throwing up, etc. I was feeling pretty lucky that Aiden & Addison had avoided it...until Addison started throwing up on Thursday night. We were already at my parents' house so they were a big help. My mom stayed up with her almost all night. Thanks!!

The wedding was Saturday at the Salt Lake Temple. The weather was gorgeous. We took all the kids and we had to leave Willard by 8:15 am. I was feeling so good about everything that morning because I had everything laid out and packed the night before. It takes a lot of planning to get 4 girls up and fed and beautified by 8:15! Then disaster struck! I couldn't find my recommend! Do you know why? It was in Idaho, in my closet, in my temple bag! Now, I am not really new to this predicament. I did the exact same thing when my brother got married. Only then my recommend was in Las Vegas, in my closet, in my temple bag. Brandon thinks this whole scenario is hilarious because I usually am so organized and I hate asking people for help. To add to the excitement of this long bishop was in the hospital after just having surgery. Luckily they didn't even need to call him at the temple, they just look you up on the computer and give you a temporary paper to get in the temple. Actually they have a whole little office just for this situation and I even had to wait in line. That makes me feel a little less stupid.

The day was so fun. Everyone kept commenting on how good the babies were. They really were. It was a long day and we didn't stick to their schedule at all. All the grandkids looked so adorable at the reception. My nephew Tyson and Addison were especially cute. They held hands and danced all night. Tyson said that Addie was his princess. August was really into the whole marriage idea and had many, many one liners. At one point she asked Brooke if it felt good to be Brooke Evans? When Brooke & Reese left the reception August yelled, "goodbye Uncle Reese!" When we laughed she said, "well he is."

August had a hard time letting Brooke leave my parents' house that night. She just held onto her and sobbed. We all cried a little. It's good to be home after a long weekend away, but I keep finding reminders of Brooke everywhere. It's going to be an adjustment having her gone. We had so much fun this last year.

After the reception we were all sitting around talking and my mom asked where my dad was. She thought he definitely couldn't be in bed because the bed was covered with everything and anything you could think of. (a wedding dress included!) She came out of her room laughing and made us come look, he was so tired he just crawled under the covers under all the other stuff too. (refer to pictures!)

Did I mention that both babies are crawling now. It is so cute to see them crawling side by side. People always ask me if I can tell them apart and if they have different personalities. The answer is yes, I can tell them apart. It took about 4months though. They are identical and hence look very similar. Second question, yes, they have different personalities. Aiden is a little more reserved, she likes to observe a situation for awhile before jumping in. She is a great eater. She has 3 teeth and babbles more than Avery. Avery is a picky eater. She weighed 1/2 pound less than Aiden at the 9 month appointment. Avery has 2 teeth and is always on the go. She warms up easily and is very free with her laughs and smiles.

We're looking forward to Halloween this week and our first Parent Teacher Conference!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Uh Oh!

Oops, I've been neglecting my blog. Let's just do a quick run down: We went to Utah last weekend for Brooke's bridal shower and stopped in Tremonton on the way down to wish my brother Shelby a happy birthday. (His 30th...welcome to the club Shelb!) The shower was a lot of fun. My parents have 6 granddaughters and our cousins also have a lot of little girls, so there were cute little girls running around all over. Brooke got a lot of great gifts and it was fun to see everyone and to meet Reese's mom and grandma. Back at home I had an activity days activity on Tuesday. (one of my favorite callings by the way) We decorated cupcakes and talked about talents, how we're all different-just like the cupcakes we decorated. (thanks sugardoodle!) The girls in my group are precious. They are so cute and helpful! On Thursday we had a friend birthday party for August. It was great weather here so we did everything outside. I think everyone had fun. We just did the usual: games, presents, etc. We did let them decorate their own cupcakes. We had a lot of cupcakes and sprinkles around here this week. :) On Friday my parents came for the weekend. It's awesome how August's birthday usually falls on Conference Weekend. Right before they came I blew up our microwave by cooking (burning) popcorn for about 5 minutes. They were greeted at the door by the nasty odor. Before you judge me-I do know how to make microwave popcorn...actually it's a staple around here. The number panel has been broken for some time so it's a mystery as to what cooking time you actually picked. Ooops I think I pushed 5 instead of 2. I'm glad I did that while they were here because they felt bad for me and bought us a new microwave. Wow, it's getting expensive for them to come visit! Okay...I'm running out of time: conference was great, August's family party was Saturday-Penny & fam and Becka were up, and April & Robyn were here via Skype. Whew! Okay I'll try to get some pictures up later!