Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our First Road Trip!

Well, we've had a fun few weeks. We have had a lot of visitors and our first road trip as a family of six! A few weeks ago (I think, I've kind of lost track of time-everyday feels the same!) Brandon's sister Rebecca came to visit and she brought our nephew Bryce with her. They were here for the weekend and got to spend time with the babies and big girls too. It was fun seeing them. Penny's boys are growing up so fast!

My mom came up last week because she was having baby withdrawl. I'm glad we live closer now so that she can just make quick trips like that whenever she wants. We had a lot of fun, we went shopping for the second blessing dress that we'll be needing soon. I thought it would be kind of tacky to have an intermission in order to switch the dress from one baby to the other! LOL Anyway we got a beautiful dress and accessories (they are girls you know), so we should be all set for their blessing day.

This Saturday my Dad called and said that he was going to be set apart on Sunday to be in the new Stake Presidency as the 1st counselor. Elder L. Tom Perry came to preside at the meeting and call the new presidency. We packed up the minivan with everything 2 babies could possibly need for the day and headed to Utah on Sunday morning. I'm not up to a sleep over yet! The meeting was really special and almost our whole family was there. Lynette stayed home with Tyson because he was sick and we really missed seeing them! (Love you guys!) We saw a lot of people from our home ward that wanted to see the babies and we got to visit with a lot of friends. We all got to meet Elder Perry too. After the meeting we all went to my parents' house and ate a yummy dinner with Grandma and Gordon. The babies mostly slept the entire way (there and back). Yahoo! I felt free at last. I hadn't left Idaho Falls since October! Can you say CABIN FEVER??!!

On Monday Brandon's Aunt Debi and cousin Angie and her kids came to visit. The kids all had fun together and it was fun visiting. Addie and Carter are the same age and the same exact size. They were so cute together. Brandon's friend Rhett and his family came to visit on Monday night. It has been fun seeing people finally. He and his wife Karen have two little boys and again the girls were excited to see people and especially glad to have kids to play with.

I am so glad it's finally spring. (Even though we woke up to 2 inches of snow!) My next big challenge is finding the perfect double stroller so we can be outside all summer. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

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