Sunday, May 29, 2011

School is Out!!

Last day of school! August with her new haircut.
Addison & Mrs. Christensen (we love her!)
Notice I didn't title this post, "Summer is here!" I don't know about where you are, but it's definitely not summer or really summer-like at all in Idaho. I was so excited for the kids to finish school but if the weather doesn't straighten up I may have to rethink my position. We have had a really fun school year this year. Both of the girls loved their teachers and classes and they both got all A's (or E's for kindergarten.) They both were in dance and we enjoyed the recital so much. They did great. I love watching them and I really love that the recital lasts only an hour. When I was in dance we had a marathon 2-3 hour recital every year. I don't know how my parents did it. So thanks Mom and Dad! Hopefully you were able to sneak in a snack or something. :) Now, speaking of recitals, performances, graduations (of the kindergarten variety), and such; they make me so emotional. Does that happen to anyone else? At the "graduation" they played the ever-popular slide show set to some song about kids growing up. (You know the ones.) Well, as I start to get teary-eyed I look around and I'm the only one. I mean this is only kindergarten!!! I fear I am in big trouble here. They are just growing up too fast! I already have Avery and Aiden on the preschool list for 2012, which sounds crazy to me. They are my babies, but I need to realize that they aren't babies anymore. That brings me to what else I've been doing this year: Potty training x 2!!! Wow that was fun. What a wonderful thing to be done with FOREVER! Avery caught on quickly and so did Aiden when she decided to try. For months she wouldn't sit on the toilet because it was "scary." She and I were definitely in a power struggle. Then when I gave up and she figured she had won she started using the toilet. Sigh. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm so HAPPY to be done with diapers but I now spend what feels like a major part of my day in the bathroom supervising 3 year olds. Fun times at the Larsen Home!
Brandon started his new job full-time in March. He works from home and we love having him around a lot more. Things seem to be going well so far. He is selling commercial-grade park and playground equipment again but with another manufacturer. So if you know any schools, cities, or developers in Montana or Idaho in the market have them give him a call. :) He was also just made the Elders' Quorum Pres. in our ward. We love our ward and he has great counselors so he's excited. He always does great in his callings. He's the most responsible person I know, and he doesn't get stressed out. Unlike another person I know who was just made a Relief Society instructor. I seriously feel like this calling is taking years off my life, but I'll save that for another post. :)
We just had our 11th wedding anniversary. That is just crazy! We celebrated by going to Lowe's and buying a curtain rod. Isn't curtain rod the traditional 11th anniversary gift? Haha! The longer we're married the more glad I am that we got married in 2000. No tricky math to figure out how long it's been. :)
Well that's what we have going on. If the weather ever warms up I see a lot of trampoline time, bike riding, and awesome little girl
tans in our future just like every summer!!