Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Mania!

We have three of our four girls birthdays within five days in January. I wouldn't recommend it. For starters you have the whole Christmas hangover going on and then wham...Birthday Mania!!! Addison turned four this year. That's crazy!!! August turned four when we first moved to Idaho. Where has the time gone? She had a great party with a cake frosted orange and pink, just like she ordered. (Thanks Grandma and Aunt Brooke.) She is so excited to be four. She's a "big girl" now! The babies turned one on the 17th. Can I call them babies still? Well, they're MY BABIES. Avery & Aiden loved their cake, but didn't quite understand the present thing. This year has gone by so fast. It's all just a blur really. We have learned so much this year. We feel so blessed to have our four,beautiful, healthy, little girls. I think Brandon and I have learned to appreciate each other even more. Our life is very structured and scheduled (out of necessity) and it takes both of us to keep things running smoothly. My mom was here all week to hit both birthdays and she helped Brooke and I arranged furniture and hang pictures. It was a lot of fun...thanks for being the shuttle, Dad. Brandon's parents just got back last night from Arizona so we're over here visiting. They brought lots of grapefruit and lemons back...yum! Thanks for all the presents and cards everyone, and I'm sorry I had three kids so close together right after Christmas!