Monday, November 8, 2010

Eight is Great!

August turned 8 last month! As usual her birthday fell close to conference weekend so we had a great weekend with lots of family. My parents came up for the festivities and we also had Pam & Leon, Brooke & Reese, Grandpa Larsen & Grandma Peggy, and Grandma King (GG) over on Sunday to celebrate with cake, ice cream, and peach pie. The weather was so beautiful we had the party in the back yard. She got spoiled with lots of great presents and was thrilled to get her very own rollerblades!

Let's title this one "Baptism Bling"
Our best friends the Finlaysons! Wow it's handy having them next door!

On November 6th August was baptized. It was such a wonderful day. When we went in for her bishop's interview Bishop Lords told August that I would be crying that day because all moms do. :) I remember thinking, "nah, I don't think I will." Well we were both sort of right. I didn't cry on the day of the baptism, but I cried almost everyday leading up to it for a week. I just felt in denial. My "baby" can't be eight ALREADY! Ugh. She just seems so mature lately, she's a great helper, and an awesome big sister. It doesn't help matters that she got her ears pierced for her birthday (after the soccer season), and we gave her new scriptures for her baptism. Aren't those grownup things for a tiny, little eight year old? :(

We had a lot of family come up for the baptism. My whole family made it and Brandon's sister Penny and two of her boys made the drive up as well. Then we had Brandon's aunt Debi and uncle Donnie, Grandpa and Peggy, Grandma King (GG), and Pam and Leon. It was so good to see everyone! Our awesome neighbors and the girls' best friends also came as well as Rhett, Karen and their boys. The weather was beautiful again, so the kids were able to play outside all afternoon.

After our little luncheon we all changed clothes and spiffed back up and drove to Ririe to get our Braegger family pictures taken. Leon, Pam, and Penny & boys met us there. It was a great setting and the pictures turned out great. I'm so glad Penny was there to help with all the kids! The last time we had professional (non-wedding) pictures was before any of us was married, over ten years ago! Sheesh...time flies when you're having fun, and getting married, and moving to Las Vegas, and having babies, and changing jobs, and buying minivans, and buying houses, and selling houses, and ...well, you get the idea. Hopefully it's not another ten years before our next photo shoot! When I figure out my scanner I'll have to post the old picture with the new one. In ten years we've added thirteen people to our family! Stay tuned for a post on our basement progress...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Futbol

We stayed busy with soccer this year. Both of the older girls played. This translates into two practices a week and two back to back games on Saturday mornings. That was a little stressful at times! (kind of glad we're done for this year.) I think both of the girls enjoyed it. August had a lot of her friends on the team and we had the same coach that we loved from last year. She is still pretty timid around the ball so we did a lot of yelling, "August run, go get the ball!"

Addison's team was fun to watch. She was one of only two girls on the team but that didn't stop her from scoring the first goal (and quite possibly the only goal) of the season. Addison's coach was great with them too. We also lucked out again this year with the weather. Fall soccer is always a gamble in Idaho but this year we had very mild conditions. :) (today it's snowing though...)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Day of School

I'm just trying to play catch up for a few posts so that I can print my blog book at Christmas and not have it be two pages long. :) This year August is in 2nd grade and her teacher is Ms. Staples. She really likes her teacher and her class this year. McKay, her best friend from next door, is in her class. The school sends out letters in the summer letting you know who your teacher is and McKay, having already received his, waited as we opened August's. Wow! It was like they had won the lottery. I absolutely love that they are friends. It will be sad when they each think the other one has cooties! When does that happen anyway?

Addison started kindergarten this year. I decided to send her in the morning, and it's working great. She does tell me on a regular basis how she hates getting up so early, but she's been a trooper about it. Her teacher is Mrs. Christensen and we love her too. Addison loves learning to read. She is my kid that has always loved books. As a toddler she would sit in her little rocking chair and look through books all afternoon. (oh why can't the twins be like that?) She is reading well already and asks her teacher for more books everyday.

This year I have been able to help out at the school more. My friend watches the twins for me on Wednesdays so I can help August's class with writing and then I take them with me on Fridays and help with Addie's class. It has been fun getting to know other moms and the girls' teachers better. I feel like I'm slowly getting my life back as the little girls mature. Hey, it's only been 3 years, not bad!

We are still working on the basement and it's coming along. I'm getting so excited! I'm sick of dusting upstairs everyday. Hopefully we can get it done in time for Christmas. (fingers crossed!) I'll try to post pictures of our progress soon.