Thursday, January 31, 2008

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We're Tickled Pink!

The babies are finally here! They were born on January 17th and were four weeks early, but healthy and strong. We are so excited, and relieved. We had such a positive experience this time around. The babies were both over 5 pounds and were only in the NICU for 4 days. They both lost some weight in the hospital so we ended up bringing home 4 pound babies. That was different for us...we're used to big babies! We named them Avery & Aiden. Yeah, I know pretty crazy-all A names. Brandon says he has his own "A Team" now. They are identical and it still kind of blows my mind when I see them side by side. August and Addison are having so much fun being the big sisters. Whenever the babies cry Addie runs down the hall screaming, "Mama your babies are crying!!" At first she got upset and yelled it out of sheer terror I think, but now she is excited when she hears them. My mom is still here helping-thank goodness! And my younger sister, Brooke, has been living with us since October. She has helped us so much. Especially at the end of the pregnancy when I couldn't eat, breathe, sleep, drive, or tie my shoes. She has been our live-in nanny/housekeeper. We took the babies to the doctor for their two week checkup today and they are both back up to their birth weights. The doctor says they look great. Whew! So far so good!