Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Futbol

We stayed busy with soccer this year. Both of the older girls played. This translates into two practices a week and two back to back games on Saturday mornings. That was a little stressful at times! (kind of glad we're done for this year.) I think both of the girls enjoyed it. August had a lot of her friends on the team and we had the same coach that we loved from last year. She is still pretty timid around the ball so we did a lot of yelling, "August run, go get the ball!"

Addison's team was fun to watch. She was one of only two girls on the team but that didn't stop her from scoring the first goal (and quite possibly the only goal) of the season. Addison's coach was great with them too. We also lucked out again this year with the weather. Fall soccer is always a gamble in Idaho but this year we had very mild conditions. :) (today it's snowing though...)


Heather B said...

I feel your pain. Jensen and Logan both had baseball at varying times last summer. And now Logan and Ally have basketball in Brigham at varying times on Saturdays. They better have fun!! They have no idea what we do for them, do they? I feel bad for the younger ones that have to be drug everywhere. Oh wait, I feel bad for me having to deal with the little ones that don't want to be drug everywhere! Glad your girls had fun!